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T-Mobile suffers major network outage across US

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  • February 22, 2023

Hyundai will also provide window stickers to vehicle owners that alert would-be thieves that the vehicle has anti-theft protection. Hyundai, Kia to update software to prevent auto theft. Adding notes into the new user story that state when the update https://www.chavle.com/2023/02/13/what-firmware-does-prusa-use/ was requested, who requested it, and any relevant information on why the update was requested. If you liked this article, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, for more cybersecurity news and topics.

  • Then, connect a charging cable to the case while it is still open, and the firmware update should begin shortly after that.
  • Finding your Tenda firmware can be a tricky process depending on the Tenda router model you own.
  • Free install AnyTrans and take a try to back up & restore iPhone without iTunes.
  • Again in 2019, Google’s Enterprise mainline launched in Android 10 and applied this means of cell updates with out the necessity for person involvement or a system reboot.

Updating device firmware helps improve the security of your device. After the firmware has been updated, log in to your router’s admin tools like you did before and look for a section titled Security or Administration. Additionally, all the bands on your router should use the name you choose, so your devices can easily connect.


However, as AirPods have no “Update” screen when paired to your iPhone, many users wonder how they can update their AirPods when a new version comes out. This question sparks a lot of confusion among non-tech-savvy users. I bought these headphones because of their great sound quality, ANC and wireless charging capability. However I am pairing them with my Android phone and the OS of my PC is Windows, meaning, I have no idea how to update the firmware of the airpods.

The gateways were apparently rebooting themselves multiple times a day, and the update was supposed to fix this. T-Mobile has since pulled the update, so no additional Sagemcom models will receive the buggy update. About 124,000 units received the update before it was pulled. The firmware is still listed on the T-Mobile support page for the gateway.

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If your router’s manufacturer hasn’t introduced any updates, you can boost your device’s performance by installing open-source router firmware. Enter the username and password, which should be under the IP address on the sticker, to get access to your router’s settings. After completing the login, navigate to the configuration to perform the firmware upgrade.

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DJI doesn’t say if older versions will work, but it’s obviously not advised. Gyroflow is completely free to download and open source, though, so there’s really no reason not to update to the current version – which happens to be v1.4.2. DJI has released a new firmware up date for the popular DJI Action 2 modular action camera.

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